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June 21st, 2016 Posted 7:11 am

Deep  in  the  dark , gloomy, ice  forest the ground was covered in fluffy , soft snow burying the brown , rough trees. 
Snow covers the floor like a white, thick  heavy blanket every where.
There was a spikey, evil wolf staring at the village day and night with red , orange beady eyes.
In the foreboding, black forest, the bloodthirsty , scary wolf  was waiting for its prey.

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Maizy Cruz Lillie

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June 21st, 2016 Posted 7:09 am

Deep in the frozen, icy forest the giant, twisted trees are covered in white, twinkling snow. It is like an enormous, white blanket covering the entire forest. Next to a terrifying, pitch black cave stood a red eyed, howling wolf.

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Grace’s+Nikola’s setting description


June 21st, 2016 Posted 7:07 am

Deep in the dark, gloomy forest the tall, rough trees are covered in thick , heavy snow. It is like a huge bear cuddling into its baby cubs. On top of one tree there is a scary, terrifying raven staring menacingly,  angry. It looks like it is going to fly away . It stares at the big, rusty, black cabin below.The scary raven flies away . The Raven was very scary.The black, rusty cabin looks scary.



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Adam’s snowy setting description

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June 20th, 2016 Posted 2:12 pm

Deep in the dark, damp forest the black, monstrous crow stares intently at the old,derelict  cabin like a wolf stalking his prey.


A swift, blind bat swoops cautiously across the crow’s ugly face. The crow squawks  loudly back scaring him away!

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Our New Topic! Mother Nature

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April 26th, 2016 Posted 10:49 am

It’s been a while since I’ve updated the site, so I’ll get back to it. We’ve been thinking about Mother Nature.

It’s a bit strange really, because Mother Nature isn’t actually a woman, or a person at all! She is all the natural things around us, from waterfalls to trees and animals.

To start us off, we began looking at poetry. We thought of lots of interesting adjectives, verbs and adverbs to describe natural things.
We started by making our own shape poems.
Here are some examples we found.

Come back soon to see what we came up with!



February 17th, 2015 Posted 11:53 am

Our new topic is The Vikings, but were they are vicious as we’ve been led to believe?

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Dorothy arrives in Oz (setting description)


January 15th, 2015 Posted 12:23 pm

Are Zoos Bad or Good For Animals?

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December 18th, 2014 Posted 11:29 am

We’ve been thinking about zoos recently, and discussing whether they were good or bad for animals.
We read Anthony Browne’s excellent book, Zoo, and it really made us think.

Take a look at some of our persuasive writing!

Our topic for Spring 2015: USA!

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December 18th, 2014 Posted 11:02 am

Our new topic for Spring 2015 is USA!
What do you like about USA? What do you think of about the country, the people and the American culture?
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Celebrating Harvest with Year 3!

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October 23rd, 2014 Posted 9:22 am

We’ve been looking at the artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo and his fruit, flower and vegetable themed portraits.
To celebrate harvest we’ve taken to the Ipads to create our own pictures, using Pic Collage.

Check them out!