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Gracie/Laticia’s blog


June 21st, 2016 Posted 7:11 am

Deep  in  the  dark , gloomy, ice  forest the ground was covered in fluffy , soft snow burying the brown , rough trees. 
Snow covers the floor like a white, thick  heavy blanket every where.
There was a spikey, evil wolf staring at the village day and night with red , orange beady eyes.
In the foreboding, black forest, the bloodthirsty , scary wolf  was waiting for its prey.

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Maizy Cruz Lillie

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June 21st, 2016 Posted 7:09 am

Deep in the frozen, icy forest the giant, twisted trees are covered in white, twinkling snow. It is like an enormous, white blanket covering the entire forest. Next to a terrifying, pitch black cave stood a red eyed, howling wolf.

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Grace’s+Nikola’s setting description


June 21st, 2016 Posted 7:07 am

Deep in the dark, gloomy forest the tall, rough trees are covered in thick , heavy snow. It is like a huge bear cuddling into its baby cubs. On top of one tree there is a scary, terrifying raven staring menacingly,  angry. It looks like it is going to fly away . It stares at the big, rusty, black cabin below.The scary raven flies away . The Raven was very scary.The black, rusty cabin looks scary.



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Adam’s snowy setting description

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June 20th, 2016 Posted 2:12 pm

Deep in the dark, damp forest the black, monstrous crow stares intently at the old,derelict  cabin like a wolf stalking his prey.


A swift, blind bat swoops cautiously across the crow’s ugly face. The crow squawks  loudly back scaring him away!

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