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Spooky Story Openings


November 8th, 2013 Posted 10:42 am

spooky_house_brush_by_mickeyremA very creepy and exciting Big Write from Megan:

Opening my eyes I found myself in a dark and spooky wood. I saw a old sign I couldn’t read what it said. I walked on and I found myself in front of a gloomy and black house. I wondered what would be inside. So I knocked on the unusual door and there was no answer.
I was eager to see what was inside so I opened the door by myself and found myself in a dark and horrible room.
There was a hot fire and it was warm. But I felt scared. Suddenly, I heard footsteps getting closer and closer. I wondered what it was. The footsteps came closer and up the stairs as slowly as a mouse and I jumped up. I nearly screamed but I didn’t. The door handle creaked. I was so scared!

Here’s another nail biter from Paul:

Opening my eyes I was in a dark dark wood. I found a haunted house. It had broken windows. I went inside the haunted house and I went upstairs. I could see a messy room. The messy room had spider webs on the bed. Above me there were cracks on the ceiling. I went downstairs and I went outside. I could see a spiky tree and it moved from side to side, It was terrifying. Suddenly, I could hear footsteps…
The footsteps got closer and closer and I started to shiver…

And this one’s from Ella:

I found myself in a spooky forest. I walked forward then suddenly I heard a noise! What was that? I looked behind me but nothing was there. I crept forward and I saw a dark house. I looked inside and it was not locked so I peeped through the creaky door. No-one was there, so I went inside and it was so dark. In the dark house I could see dirty walls and floors. The windows were not clean. It was dirty and I cleaned a picture frame but I was scared to see people. They were funny looking on their pictures. I was so scared. I started to shiver. I had got goosebumps and I felt sick.
Loudly I heard a noise. Suddenly, I heard another noise. What was that? I heard creepy noises…