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Our New Topic! Mother Nature

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April 26th, 2016 Posted 10:49 am

It’s been a while since I’ve updated the site, so I’ll get back to it. We’ve been thinking about Mother Nature.

It’s a bit strange really, because Mother Nature isn’t actually a woman, or a person at all! She is all the natural things around us, from waterfalls to trees and animals.

To start us off, we began looking at poetry. We thought of lots of interesting adjectives, verbs and adverbs to describe natural things.
We started by making our own shape poems.
Here are some examples we found.

Come back soon to see what we came up with!

my firework poem part 2 by Ella C


November 12th, 2013 Posted 4:52 pm

23. golden fireworks blasting in the air.

24. fireworks burning in the sky.

25. fireworks whizzing through the atmosphere.

26. bonfires zooming in the sky.

27. childrens shouting out noisily.

28. fireworks booming in the sky.

THE        END

My firework poem by Olivia

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November 12th, 2013 Posted 12:26 pm

Golden rain might be falling towards me.

Rainbow fireworks ,

Exploding up into the clouds.

Stars up above the sky like diamonds.

Smoky yummy hot dogs making an enormous crowd.

Shiny bonfire is red, orange, yellow.

Children with their mums watching the fireworks.

My fireworks poem by Emily


November 12th, 2013 Posted 12:23 pm

fireworks zooming into the air slowly.

fire sparks spreading in the air.

so loud like a popcorn machine with the popcorn and with no lid .

whizzing rockets going to Neptune.

rockets whizzing to Mars.

fireworks keeping the sky bright.

racing fireworks in the night.

exciting rockets high in the sky.