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Dorothy arrives in Oz (setting description)


January 15th, 2015 Posted 12:23 pm

Are Zoos Bad or Good For Animals?

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December 18th, 2014 Posted 11:29 am

We’ve been thinking about zoos recently, and discussing whether they were good or bad for animals.
We read Anthony Browne’s excellent book, Zoo, and it really made us think.

Take a look at some of our persuasive writing!

WORLD CUP HEROES: Steven Gerrard Biography writing

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June 13th, 2014 Posted 2:06 pm

Steven Gerard is a famous footballer.He is the worlds most famous Liverpool player.This summer he is the team captain for England in the world cup.

Captain fantastic was born on the 30th may 1980.He was brought up in hiton near Liverpool.The Liverpool legend attended to a Cardinal Heenan Catholic High School.

The number 8 hero is known by friends as “Gerra” or “Stevie G”The captain is thourght as 1 of the best players of all times . Gerra was the first ever captain in 2003. Stevie G’s first full game in Liverpool  came against  Celta Vigo in the UEFA cup.

Away from the pitch,Gerard married his childhood sweet heart, Alex Curran on the 16th June 2007.Further more,they now have 3 children called, Lily Ella, Lexie & Lourdes.The player was recognised for his efforts with the honour of an MBE from the queen.

By Richa


Christmas Dinner Review by Mason

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January 14th, 2014 Posted 10:36 am

I thought Chtristmas dinner was scrumptious.
In particular, the roast potatoes were fat and juicy.
Furthermore, they were spectacularly crunchy also they were big and fat.
Although I liked the Yorkshire Pudding, it was crispy, sloppy and dry. Some of it was horrible.
Overall, the mints were minty, fresh and chewy.

The Bear and The Hare by Megan

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December 18th, 2013 Posted 3:27 pm

Once there was a brown grizzly bear and quite a fluffy hare, they were best buddies. They lived in the forest together. One day a white crumbly snowflake landed swiftly on bear’s nose. Then hare tried to stay but quickly off she went.

Hare wanted to show bear the Christmas tree. Bear did not understand he was tired so he went to hibernate. In his dark and gloomy cave he slept and slept until hare came in and gave him a present. It was wrapped in red paper and yellow ribbon and gold bow on top.

It woke bear up. Bear thought for a second. He came back and went to the Christmas tree and hare was happy and they never split up again.

The Bear and The Hare creative writing.


December 18th, 2013 Posted 9:27 am



We’ve watched this lovely advert and used it as a stimulus for some creative writing.  Check back soon for the results!

The advert i

A Persusasive Letter To Hanuman by Ella


December 11th, 2013 Posted 10:22 am

Dear Hanuman,

I am writing this letter because something terrible has happened, and I don’t know what to do. I need your help, and once you have heard my reasons, I hope you will assist me.

Firstly, I need your help because evil Ravana has stolen my beloved princess Sita.

Another reason you can help me is you have got powers and you can fly all around the world. This will help me because you can see Sita.

In addition, I’m really furious! I want to kill him and want revenge.

Furthermore, I believe that if we don’t find Sita she might die by evil Ravana.

Finally, we got together and evil Ravana  is dead and because super Hanuman recscued Sita and we are back together.

Yours sincerely,


Spooky Story Openings


November 8th, 2013 Posted 10:42 am

spooky_house_brush_by_mickeyremA very creepy and exciting Big Write from Megan:

Opening my eyes I found myself in a dark and spooky wood. I saw a old sign I couldn’t read what it said. I walked on and I found myself in front of a gloomy and black house. I wondered what would be inside. So I knocked on the unusual door and there was no answer.
I was eager to see what was inside so I opened the door by myself and found myself in a dark and horrible room.
There was a hot fire and it was warm. But I felt scared. Suddenly, I heard footsteps getting closer and closer. I wondered what it was. The footsteps came closer and up the stairs as slowly as a mouse and I jumped up. I nearly screamed but I didn’t. The door handle creaked. I was so scared!

Here’s another nail biter from Paul:

Opening my eyes I was in a dark dark wood. I found a haunted house. It had broken windows. I went inside the haunted house and I went upstairs. I could see a messy room. The messy room had spider webs on the bed. Above me there were cracks on the ceiling. I went downstairs and I went outside. I could see a spiky tree and it moved from side to side, It was terrifying. Suddenly, I could hear footsteps…
The footsteps got closer and closer and I started to shiver…

And this one’s from Ella:

I found myself in a spooky forest. I walked forward then suddenly I heard a noise! What was that? I looked behind me but nothing was there. I crept forward and I saw a dark house. I looked inside and it was not locked so I peeped through the creaky door. No-one was there, so I went inside and it was so dark. In the dark house I could see dirty walls and floors. The windows were not clean. It was dirty and I cleaned a picture frame but I was scared to see people. They were funny looking on their pictures. I was so scared. I started to shiver. I had got goosebumps and I felt sick.
Loudly I heard a noise. Suddenly, I heard another noise. What was that? I heard creepy noises…